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Tell us about you, your career, how you founded New Media Film FestivalHow does New Media Film Festival innovate? 

Susan Johnston: We are a global company, so we have people positioned around the world in all sectors of business/society. We hear, see and immerse ourselves in what is being created now, where the challenges are that perhaps we can bridge, either by connecting people or finding a solution. We accept submissions year round; thus, we are continually discovering new technologies, story arcs, mashed media, etc. For example, this year, we were the 1st to have a Holographic Digital Comic, the 1st to have touch rotation in AR, and the 1st to have a RomCom created in AI on a purpose-built platform! Even our script category is pretty boundary-pushing, ok, I think all of our content is excellent.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

Susan Johnston: Legally, we were not able to do a live show this year. We were going to hold off until we could have a live, in-person festival, but a vote to the 121 Nominees from 32 countries showed they wanted a live awards show. That was a totally new learning curve, fun, challenging, and now we are in talks with producing other innovative events that correlate with who we are.

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