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Shortlists start 1-2023


Festival dates June 7 & 8 2023


On average 100+ titles per year


You have come to the right place to discover seasoned and novice directors. Click on any poster on our events page to learn more about that content.


Global in scope


World, USA & L.A. Premieres are honored here

Cast & Crew

Proud to be able to credit the cast & crew in this section for each title.

Honoring Stories Worth Telling since 2009.
The 14th New Media Film Festival® constantly seeks opporunities for submitters outside of the festival process, whether accepted or not into the festival.

Awards New Media Film Festival® won in 2022
-Best Annual Media and Technology Event – California at the Media Innovators Awards 2022 (4x)
-Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 by the editorial board of Industry Era Women Leaders Magazine Re: our founder.
-Top Website 2022 TGE Award

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