Black Hole

black hole
june 5th
june 5th


June 5


Black Hole


Davis Chang



The short film ‘Black Høle’ reflects the oppressive atmosphere under the Asian education system. Day after day, the school is like a prison, confining the free thinking of children. If their grades are not satisfactory, various forms of punishment follow. The intense learning does not stop with the ringing of the dismissal bell. After school lets out at 5 pm, students face another suffocating space – cram school, which often runs until 10 pm, marking the end of an Asian student’s daily routine.
Behind this marathon schedule lies the distorted perception among many Asian parents that “only academic excellence matters.” They crave for their children to enter top universities with outstanding grades, hoping to elevate their social status and benefit the family. Students are not allowed to defy authority figures like parents and teachers; excessive studying and exams take a toll on their physical and mental well-being. These factors congregate, gradually forming a massive black hole, which casts a shadow over the entire society.
We employed cutting-edge generative AI technology for ‘Black Hole,’ combining hand-drawn storyboards with Midjourney AI for finalized visuals and Runway ML for animations. The result is a childlike, doodle-esque acrylic painting style carrying potent emotions in response to our school lives, and it echoes recent news of a Taiwanese cram school showing off elementary students’ packed schedules, shocking the entire society.

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