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New Media Film Festival 2022

“Thank you for selecting the film, for the honor, and for inviting me to participate in the very enjoyable interview with the other participants. It was a very stimulating and pleasurable experience.

I hope that the festival continues to do what you have already accomplished.” 

– John Strasberg, Director

Tickets on sale now – 13th New Media Film Festival®

June 1 & 2 2022 Los Angeles & online

13th New Media Film Festival 2022

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awards new media film festival

Wednesday 6-1-2022

Event 1 Full Day Online Screenings w/ Q&A’s

Full Day Pass

Join us online to Mix – Mingle – Industry leaders from the Entertainment & Tech sectors as well as fun loving film & content fans! Screenings, Q & A’s, group and direct chat and more.

Black Lives Matter

Thursday 6-2-21

Event 2 VIP Soiree 4-6PM In Person

4-6 PM – PST

This is where the magic happens. Live, in person at our legendary VIP Soiree. Nominees, Judges, Speakers, creators, film fans, techies and more meet each other – Funding, hiring, casting, collaborations, even love has happened. Be there.

Thursday 6-2-21

Event 3 –Opening Night Programming – In Person

6:30-8:30 PM – PST

Opening Night Programming, Live Music, Screenings w/ Q & A.  Curated programming from various categories. Special Guests. 


VIP Soiree Networking New Media

Thursday 6-2-21

Event 4 –Awards Ceremony – In Person

9-10:30 PM – PST

We only announce the winners in this ceremony, be there! Surprise guests. The must attend event.


Thank you for an “Outstanding” 2021

12th New Media Film Festival®


119 New Media Films & Content from 23 Countries – 42 World, 6 US, 42 LA Premieres

Nominee info will stay on this page until the end of 2021.

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Content from these countries: Arctic, Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Rep., France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Monaco, Namibia, Norway, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA

World – USA – L.A. Premiere status = 1st time in real Festival (not online only festivals)

Manatee – 360

L.A. Premiere

Director James Beissel – USA

See the world from the manatee’s point of view as we learn about their daily lives and habits and current threats to their tenuous existence.

Black Lives Matter

Before I Knew – Socially Responsible

Los Angeles Premiere

Director Hans Augustave – USA

A powerful visual poem depicting both the subtle and harsh ways Black men come to the realization that they are seen as less than Human.

The Stand – Podcast

World Premiere

Director Anne Checler – USA

The story of Irene Checler’s unusual upbringing, as the daughter of fervent civil rights activists during the 1950s, and how the values she grew up with led her to take a stand of her own at her graduation in 1958.

chord vr

Chord – VR

Director Ryan Atimoyoo – Canada

A young woman with abilities travels back through time to prevent the future. Amnesia and assassins may stop her before she has a chance.

new media music

Samarah Conley – Live Music Performance

Samarah Conley is a 13-year-old award-winning recording artist who will be performing her latest single, Movin’ On, as a live performance during festival. Movin’ On is a song to encourage people going through dark times, that no matter what, there are people that love you by your side to help you move on from the darkness.


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emmy winner dustin morrow podcast short of breath

Short of Breath – Podcast

World Premiere

Director Emmy Winner Dustin Morrow – USA

A limited-run, four-part dramatic podcast series following the harrowing journey of a single mother and recovering addict who has just three days to secure a job and clean up her act, or risk losing her daughter forever.

movin on album cover

Movin’ On – Music Only

Los Angeles Premiere

Artist Samarah Conley – USA

TeenMusicInsider – Can you tell us how this song came about?

“I wrote this when I was eleven years old. I was feeling sad when I wrote the song. The song title Movin’ On which is also the chorus didn’t actually come to me until I was in studio with my producer Len Monachello with Soundtronics. He creatively pushed me and Movin’ On was born. Thanks Lenny!” – Samarah

Loved Ones Podcast Poster

Loved Ones – Pilot

World Premiere

Director Sam Coyle – USA

The inside of the hard side of funeral workers.

Hustle Web Series

Hustle – Web Series

Director Matt Strickland – USA

When faced with New York City supervillains, video gamers and best friends Nina and Paige fight to level up and achieve their creative goals.

new media digital comic

Lead City – Digital Comic

World Premiere

Writer Eric Borden – USA

Before Deadwood. Before Tombstone. Before Durango.
There was Lead

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A beautiful brain in a beautiful world

A Beautiful Brain in a Beautiful World – Student STEAM

Director – Grade 9 Student Martin Thaw – Canada

How Stem Cell-Derived Cerebral Organoids Revolutionize Treatments for Brain Diseases. The recent advancements will provide scientists with amazing insights into how the human brain develops and the possibility of discovering effective treatments for neurological diseases


The Gorilla Group: A Garmento’s Story – Script

Los Angeles Premiere

Writers Eric Diamond, Anthony Guilianti – USA
Paul Jewels, a fourth generation garmento, rises through the ranks of the men’s tailored clothing industry, partying his way through the decades and struggling to balance between his retail family and real family.


Unseen Australia- Drone

Los Angeles Premiere

Director Chris Tangey – Australia

Australia is so much more than the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. It is, uniquely, both a country and a continent. This vast, empty land is the same size as the USA, but with just 25 million people. Here is just a glimpse of the Australia you didn’t know about. Unseen Australia.

breathing through vr

Breathing Through – VR

Director Stan Adard – Switzerland

A VR experimental short film about the journeying of consciousness from birth, through the stages of life, into rebirth.

New Media Nobel Peace Prize


Los Angeles Premiere

Director Les Guthman – USA

The LIGO project made the first historic detection of gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes.   “Top 20 Discoveries of the Decade” – National Geographic & which earned Kip Thorne, Rai Weiss & Barry Barish the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics. This documentary is made in collaboration with Caltech, M.I.T. & the LIGO Laboratory, funded by the National Science Foundation, MathWorks & Caltech.

A beautiful brain in a beautiful world

Generation Hops – Web Series Promo

Los Angeles Premiere

Director David Sabbath – USA

A television journalism series devoted to the emergence of the craft beer industry, but is equally balanced with stories of culture, community and love and life.

endless guitars

Endless Guitars – Music Only

Los Angeles Premiere

Artist Conny Conrad – Germany

From the internationally award-winning anniversary album “The World Anthem” shows Conny Conrad and his love for the guitar and other instruments.


Endless Forms Most Beautiful- STEAM

Los Angeles Premiere

Director RISD Senior Meredith Binnette – USA

A data driven exploration into the universal capacity for growth.


Colombia 2020 – Mobile

Director Nicky Woodhouse – Colombia

Surreal, sound led documentary shot on iPhone following a family backpacking around Colombia.

New Media doc

A Day In Wuhan – Documentary

Los Angeles Premiere

Director – Al Jazeera Media Network – Qatar

How Coronavirus Pandemic Infiltrated the World from Wuhan.

new media generation

Revolution Generation – Documentary

Los Angeles Premiere

Directors – Josh & Rebecca Tickell – USA

A manifesto for today’s youth on the societal forces that have shaped and held back their generation, and how they can deploy their unique strengths to revolutionize the political system. Narrated & starring Michelle Rodriguez

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Spiegel – VR

World Premiere

Director James Harris – USA

A virtual reality based visual interpretation of Arvo Part’s piece Spiegel Im Spigel to be viewed via an Oculus Rift

Black Lives Matter

Hominidae – VR

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Brian Andrews – USA

Hominidae depicts an ecosystem of x-ray visibility. Creatures have evolved in surprising ways, where humans, birds, spiders and frogs share unique anatomies.

Roots-Sequoia – Music Only

World Premiere

Artist – emaé – UK

emaé would see her family move from Scotland to England, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana before settling in London. A feel-good blend of soul-pop, emaé is a fusion of all the cultures that embraced her and the places she’s called home.

chord vr

Detention Adventure – TV

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Joe Kicak – Canada

Three nerdy friends and the school bully must get themselves thrown into detention to find the entrance to a labyrinth of trap-laden tunnels protecting the fabled hidden lab of Alexander Graham Bell.

new media cars

GREEN UP! Revisiting Classics – Socially Responsible

Director  – Rusty J. Matalou, Florie-Anne Virgile- UK

In London, a team of classic car enthusiasts have started their own green revolution: they’re converting petrol propulsions to electric. Using 3D printing, Kinect, Raspberry Pis, and any secondhand part they can find, these tinkering heroes are changing the face of the city, one car at a time…

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Norway majestic fjordland- Drone

Director Jan Barančík– Czech Republic & Norway

A drone film on the outstanding beauty of Norway’s fjords that were created thousands of years ago by retreating glaciers.

Black Lives Matter

Fish Story – Script

World Premiere

Writer  – Matthew Dixon – USA

A one-legged taxidermist gets her last chance at happiness when her father fishes a dangerous boy out of the sea.

I Want You Too – Script

World Premiere

Writer  – Beja Christmas – USA

An accident, a temptress, lies and betrayal. With a feeling of love but a mind that can’t remember, is a vow enough to keep them together?


chord vr

Hurricane – Script

Los Angeles Premiere

Writer  – Mitchell Graham Colley – USA

As a young girl navigates an unstable home, a chance encounter with a woman coping with the loss of her son creates an unlikely friendship.

chord vr

Peach Blossom – Script

Los Angeles Premiere

Writer  – Cheng Yang – USA

A young astronaut returns with a sample from a habitable planet, only to find out his untold identity.

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After the Lockdown – Music Video

Director  – Joy Shannon – USA

Title song for After The LockDown: Black In LA

Black Lives Matter

Before – 360

World Premiere

Director  – Caroline Smith – USA

Several young people from around the DC metro area share their memories of growing up in the United States capital.

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles – Web Series Promo

World Premiere

Director  – Emilie Tommasi – France

Gliwensbourg, winter 1915, a French trench is pounded, all the soldiers are buried making only one survivor. Underground, the soldier who survived managed to get out of an air pocket and crawl into a hole leading to a mysterious tunnel that leads to … 1925!

chord vr

The Fash Life Series – Web Series Ep 1

World Premiere

Director  – Rebecca Hu – USA

Fashion, beauty and the Influencer life, starring your favorite real life Influencers. #unfiltered and #irl

New Media Art

Myth – Art

World Premiere

Director  – George Maple – Australia

Luna and Sol; Two star crossed Lovers, born into a genetically engineered society, destined to change the course of history with their love.

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Cheyenne – Documentary

World Premiere

Director  – Rich Underwood – USA

Facing kidney failure at the age of 20, Cheyenne’s options for a donor are dwindling until an unexpected turn of events presents love and a lifesaving gift. A set of skilled caregivers operate on Cheyenne and her living donor to give her a second chance at a life that had only begun to blossom.

Black Lives Matter

Ode To Joy – Music Only

Los Angeles Premiere

Conductor  – Taras Kutsenko – China, Monaco, Spain, Ukraine

This project was born out of a great desire to unite during the pandemic. Many musicians recorded their videos on their smartphones and sound engineers worked with this material to create a full fledged studio sound.

An Interesting Story About an Uninteresting Guy – Music Only

Composer – Donny Walker – USA

This soundtrack covers all genres, and features over 70 Chicago based musicians.

chord vr

Ms Pearl’s Private School for Posh Piggies – Script TV

Writer – Michelle Worthington – Australia

You can take the pig off the pirate ship, but you can’t take the pirate out of the pig.

New Media Scripts

The Tea Room – Script

Writer – Dan Corter – USA

A woman with the ability to create a room where people can commune with the dead is perceived as demon even though her power was received from angelic beings.

web series new media film festival

Jessie + Jess – Web Series 

World Premiere

Director  – Hannah Dorozio – Canada

These two branding obsessed, social media savvy BFFs discuss the ins and outs of the prevailing digital era and how it affects our reality as individuals. Wow, that’s deep… I know.

Colourful and creative Leipzig in 3D Audio new media film festival

Colourful and creative Leipzig in 3D Audio – New Media 

World Premiere

Director  – Martin Rieger – Germany

Experience Leipzig museums and art spaces as an immersive tourist. A completely new version of the sounds of Leipzig in 3D audio.

animation new media film festival

Yuki vs Panda – Animation Trailer

World Premiere

Director  – Andrew Palmer – Canada

An action-packed animated series that combines comedy and teenage drama with the elemental power of a fantasy story.

drone new media film festival

Detroit Landmarks: Inspiration – Drone

World Premiere

Director  – Dr. William Huszti – USA

A film composition celebrating the people and architecture of several places of worship in the Detroit area.

new media North Pole

Into The Polar Night – Feature

US Premiere

Director  – Amy Richman Arctic

Hop on an icebreaker and join an international team of scientists as they venture out on a year-long scientific expedition to study the Arctic climate system.

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New Media Film Festival

The Mississippi – New Media

World Premiere

Director  – Keely Kernan – USA 

An interactive documentary that explores the ecological transformation of the River. Using interviews with residents, local activists and researchers along with images and sounds, the project investigates the accumulation of impacts that create one of the largest dead zones in the world.

vampire web series  new media film festival

Vampire State of Mind – Web Series

World Premiere

Director  – Lydia Folckomer & Chelsea Robinson – USA

Newly turned vampires Irina and Roxi become involuntary roommates and navigate their afterlife together in New York City.

digital comic new media film festival

The Beast Rose Up! – Digital Comic

World Premiere

Director  – Moyche Litchtenstein – USA

A blithering stream of short skits and stills, surrounding the funny, fierce, and whacky
Wee Beasties that daily run amok in our brains!

dreamover new media film festival

Dreamover – Feature Trailer

World Premiere

Director  – Roman Olkhovka – Russia

When life turns unbearably miserable, a lonely old man takes part in a medical experiment, reviving a long-forgotten story of his love.

new media icarus

Icarus – VR-360

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Michel Lemieux – Canada

Freely inspired by the infamous character from Greek mythology, Icarus, the young man who burns his wings by flying too close to the sun. We move through his memories of the places and events from his childhood, privy to conversations with his father, Daedalus.

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web series new media film festival

Walking Forward – TV

US Premiere

Director  – Tim Huebschle & Ndinomholo Ndilula – Namibia

Creative entrepreneur Ndinomholo meets some of Namibia’s most incredible minds and talents who share what they do to not only walk through a global pandemic, but to walk forward into an unknown and thrilling future.

student pilot new media film festival

The Safety Plan – Trailer Student

World Premiere

Director  – Jesse Randall – USA

In the midst of an existential crisis, a socially inept New Yorker abandons his life for “perfect” Los Angeles in search of a chosen family in the LGBTQA community, but quickly discovers starting over again isn’t the fantasy he thought it would be.

socially responsible new media film festival

Equally Shared Parenting – Socially Responsible

World Premiere

Director  – Emma Johnson – USA

A public education project launched on social media about when parents divorce or break up.

explore vr new media film festival

Explore – VR

World Premiere

Director  – Eric Hanson – USA

A new way to experience strong presence in some of the world’s most remarkable locations.

new media corona bats

Corona Bats – New Media

US Premiere

Director  – Al Jazeera Media Network  – Qatar

How bats act as a virus reservoir because of their unique immune system,  shows how the pangolin may have acted as the intermediate host before transmitting the virus to humans. It also stresses out on the fact that bats are important for the ecological system and that exterminating bats is not a solution for the virus problem.

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After Forever – Web Series Promo

Director  – Tina Cesa Ward – USA 

Season Two of After Forever picks up 6 months after the end of Season One. Brian has a new relationship and a new job, but Jason is still very present in his life. The 8-episode season continues his and his friends’ journey of love, loss and moving on.

Black Lives Matter

Avocado Toast – Web Series Promo 

Director  – Sam Coyle – USA 

Ever wondered about your parents’ sex life? Neither did Molly and Elle until coming out and divorce forced them to learn about their parents’ new sex-capades. After a lifetime of dating men, Molly (31, a grade eight teacher) surprises herself when she falls in love with a woman for the first time. When she finds the courage to come out as bisexual to her suburban parents, they empathetically reveal their own admission – they’re swingers and throw sex parties.

Riders of the Purple Sage: The Making of a Western Opera – Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Emmy Award Winner Kristin Atwell Ford – USA 

LogOpera’s hallowed traditions and America’s cowboy culture converge to celebrate the collaborative power of art. 

chord vr

Disappearing Stories – Mobile

US Premiere

Director  – Oleg Ageychev, Alexander Gornovsky – Russia

Among us there are people with real stories, for whom our attention is vital. 

new Media Strasberg

Adam’s Apples – Feature Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – John Strasberg – USA

A New Vision of a Classic Work
John Strasberg – actor, director, author, teacher – has created an unconventional reimagining of one of Chekhov’s greatest romantic comedies, “The Cherry Orchard.”

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LUA – Music Only 

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Isaias Elpes – USA

The song is emotional, expressive and vulnerable.

Black Lives Matter

Bottle Monster – Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Marjorie DeHey – USA

An alcoholic mother, Allison Key, is desperate to run away from her life. With her young son, Theo, Allison flees from everything she knows, to try to start over. However, she cannot escape the demons within her. Upon renting a what seems to be a perfect house to restart her life, Allison and Theo soon realize that their landlord is hiding a terrifying secret.

Gon, The Little Fox – Animation Trailer 

Director  – Takeshi Yashiro – Japan

When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day. But Hyojudoesn’t realize who is behind the anonymous gifts, and the two are headed for a heartbreaking climax.

chord vr

Born Balearic: Jon Sa Trinxa and the Spirit of Ibiza – Trailer

US Premiere

Director  – Lily Rinae – Japan

Adjacent to Ibiza’s party capital, resident DJ Jon Sa Trinxa has spent a quarter of a century on the beach spinning an eclectic mix of musical styles that stir the hearts of the Balearic artist community.

Coffee with Karina Ep Don Mclean – Podcast

World Premiere

Director  – Karina Michel – USA

Inspirational chats within the entertainment industry.

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AI La | Artificial Intelligence La – AI

Director  – Carlo Christian Spano-China

An experienced Silicon Valley engineer who has dedicated his life to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for over a decade felt confused and concerned about his future after realizing the rapid evolution of AI. Therefore, in order to find his potential in nature, he joined an international trekking expedition through the mysterious Caucasus region. Being inspired and protected by Natural Intelligence, he started a new AI journey exploring China, the UK, and the USA.

Black Lives Matter


Director  – Martha Gogakou – Greece

2D experimental Animation

Legends of the Brush – VR

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Sutu (Stuart Campbell) – USA

Step into a wild collection of colorful fables created in virtual reality from the mind of Eisner-nominated digital artist Sutu. From a disgraced fashion designer’s deal with an unlikely partner to a young girl’s quest to find the creator of the universe, each fable features stunningly unique art styles and game mechanics. 

King Arthur

A Castle In Brooklyn – Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Tyler A. Chase – USA

A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur, narrated by Golden Globe Award winner, Brian Cox, is a riveting, seven year condensed time capsule of American life.

new media earth

Awakening the Earth – New Media

World Premiere

Director  – Ksenia Diodorova – Russia

In many folklore traditions, existence cycles & human behavior are metaphorized with the soil, as a matter that gives life. Be led via 3 narratives: the key phases of a woman’s life; 4 seasonal cycles, from 1 winter to the next; and the life cycle — from death to death that is followed by birth.


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A Spoonful Of Stardust – Mobile Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Kulagina Natalia – Russia

The intergalactic Council believes that the inhabitants of Earth are very aggressive and for this reason pose a threat to the entire Cosmos. The decision was made to destroy the Earth. Astronaut Ion disagrees. He goes to Earth and promises to show proof that the inhabitants of Earth can change.

aka Shooting Star

The Vision – Documentary Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Lightning N Mitchell, Laura Allen, Bobby J Mitchell – USA

The untold story of WNBA.  With the arrival of the Women’s Basketball Association (WBA) the first ever in history spring and summer women’s professional basketball league, it finally gives the American woman an opportunity to play professional basketball here in the United States.

Music Video

Los Bravos – Music Video

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Jonathan Shepard – USA

A powerful salsa band serenades the skyline of the city that engendered it. Brimming with the gusto and bravado of the song’s protagonist, LPT elevates and celebrates the fighting spirit of their homebase.

chord vr

Planet b234 – STEAM Trailer

World Premiere

Director  – Keelie Sheridan – USA

Jorge, a father thousands of miles away from his son, creates an alternate world- planet b234- where he can cope with the anxiety, depression, and desperation of being separated from one’s child. Geographical barriers are no match for Jorge’s fertile imagination, but it comes at the cost of his sanity and the very relationship he’s fighting for. 

New Media Plates

Around the World in 80 Plates w/ Leslie Durso – Snipler

World Premiere

Director  –  – USA

Host Leslie Durso recreates top-9 allergy free dishes she puts on menus in resorts in the world’s hottest destinations.

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Vegan on a Jet Plane: Bali – Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Emmy Nominee Jacob Teixeira – Indonesia

Nutritionist and world traveler Ally Teixeira searches for the best vegan foods this world has to offer. Her journey starts in Bali, Indonesia where she’ll take you on an island tour of a lifetime.

360 new media

Dwelling in the Unfolding – 360

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Matthew Burtner – USA

An art experience by artists Matthew Burtner and Mona Kasra. By inhabiting glacial landscapes, participants are invited to move between the interconnecting layers and bridge across seemingly disparate environments that belong to a unified whole. Whether on top of a vast ice field or deep in a mysterious ice cave, each encounter leads to distinct audiovisual experiences as participants’ gaze shapes and initiates unique sound events in the 3D space.

shorts new media

They Call Us Sedicioso – Shorts

World Premiere

Director  – Iz Gutierrez – USA

An ignored narrative of Mexican-Americans in U.S. history:
In 1915, Jovita Idár, a reporter, writer, and activist for women and Mexican-American civil rights, interviews a mother whose son has gone missing while at the hands of racist Rangers and vigilantes who have been targeting the Texas-Mexican community in the Lower Rio Grande Valley during a time known as La Matanza (The Massacre). Starring Blanca Araceli from Disney’s Coco.

student new media

Parallel – Student Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Jiwon Choi – USA

A dizzying collision of pop culture and personal memory, Parallel offers an introduction to contemporary Korea—K-pop, militarism, reality TV, the first female president, Samsung, and Gangnam style—while making connections between the country’s political and cultural histories. 

New Media Web Series

Egg Allergy 101 – SRC

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Food – USA

Did you know that experts estimate that as many as 2% of children are allergic to eggs?

Egg allergies in children, second only to milk allergy by watching this video.

Allergic reaction to eggs is caused by many common foods that can range from mild to severe reactions. Severe reactions include anaphylaxis. Symptoms of an egg allergy include trouble with breathing and swallowing, vomiting & diarrhea, coughing, swelling, and loss of consciousness.

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New Media VR

The Great Atchafalaya Basin – VR

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Mark Knight – USA

The Atchafalaya Basin, home of North America’s last great river swamp, is the basin of the Atchafalaya River, a 135-mile long natural distributary of the Mississippi River that empties into the Gulf of Mexico and is the only growing delta in Louisiana. The Basin includes some 1.4 million acres. Situated at the mouth of North America’s most important flyaway, the Basin supports half of America’s migratory waterfowl (more than 300 bird species) and provides the most important habitat for neotropical migratory land birds in the Western Hemisphere. 

New Media pilot

Sleepwalker E1 – Pilot Trailer

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Josh Noftz, Joe Bariso – USA

“Sleepwalker is a character that I loved as a kid and who has received very little attention since the early 90s. Throughout this process I have gotten to meet the creator of Sleepwalker, Bob Budiansky, and even become friends. This pilot episode is near and dear to me in many ways and I hope people enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.” – Directors note

new media south africa

Perspective – Drone

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Timothy Hay, Simon Mulholland – South Africa

“Perhaps it requires such depth of oppression to create such heights of character. My country is rich in the minerals and gems that lie beneath its soil, but I have always known that its greatest wealth is its people, finer and truer than the purest diamonds.” – Nelson Mandela

LGBT New Media

Chores – Shorts

World Premiere

Director  – Christina Tucker – USA

While Lily and Samantha, a long-term couple, are out doing routine errands, Samantha confesses her desire to move back home, inspiring an emotionally fraught conversation between the two.

New Media Scripts

Small Talk – Script

Los Angeles Premiere

Writer  – Thomas Allen

Mark tries to navigate the doubting nature of his “roommate” as he courts Ashley who, unbeknownst to Mark, also struggles with a second-guessing voice in her life as well.

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mixed reality new media

The Safe Shipment of Small Cargo – Mixed Reality

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Tizzy Canucci – UK

The viewer is introduced to a new innovation: ‘a steel container called a cargo van’. The connecting link is the shipping container, through three locations with different arrangements of reality, actuality and virtuality.

new media animation

Boy Scientist – Animation

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia – USA

A brilliant boy scientist meets the girl scientist of his dreams, poised and beautiful, surrounded by flasks and beakers. The best he can do is bottle her image in his flask, so he may serenade and waltz with her in his Quantum Physics Lab.

new media actor

One Actor Short – Snipler 30 second pitch

World Premiere

Director  – Yuval David – USA

The first-ever episodic digital series dedicated to creating films in an experimental and improvisational format by including randomly selected individuals from the street to spontaneously play roles in the film.

new media UAE

The Dinner – Shorts

LA Premiere

Director  – Noura bint Hussam Al Saud – United Arab Emerates

Mariam returns home after four years at Stanford with a Korean male friend to find herself in the midst of a traditional Emirati family dinner organized by her famous butcher father.

New Media Art

Almost Flying – Photograph

Emma Penaz Eisner – USA

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web series new media

Love Gov A Crisis Not To Waste – Web Series

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – John Papola – USA

Shunned by a failed relationship of his own doing, Gov embarks on a new, more ambitious mission to “help” a group of early careerists seeking to establish themselves.

new media student

Vigilante Laundry – Student

World Premiere

Director  – Christian Walsh – USA

Marie is on the hunt for the city’s new vigilante. She is determined to put the spotlight on the mysterious vigilante and get them the appreciation they deserve. Enter her shy, hot neighbor that she has a pending ‘laundry date’ with every Wednesday night. When Marie learns that her neighbor and crush Tessa is the city’s new vigilante she jumps at the chance to get the vigilante and the girl.

New Media Art

Fire – Photography

Frode Ueland – Norway

New Media Art

Umbrella – Photography

Frode Ueland – Norway

New Media Art

Nona’s Peppers – Photography

Paul Gotto – Canada

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New Media Scripts

Seers – Script Pilot

Writer  – Paul Jones – USA

When flight 129 returns from the past, the world soon learns that its passengers and crew have comeback with the ability to forecast and shape the future. Instantly, the passengers and crew of flight 129 become the most feared and valued people in the world. Millions would be paid to acquire one, and many would like to see them burned for being witches and demons. But for the governments of the world one thing is true, policing malefactors who can see the future can only be done by officers who can do the same.

New Media Scripts

The Intra-Earth Chronicles; Book 1: The Two Sisters – Script-Book

World Premiere

Writer – Kara Jacobson – USA

A middle grade fantasy novel about a teenage girl (15) in the desolate future of 2444 whose only sister falls into a ravine and is transported into an Intra-Earth world. The girl, with help from the divine, must find her way into the Intra-Earth and save her sister and her own surface world from annihilation.

New Media Scripts

Mayfair Lady – Script TV

Los Angeles Premiere

Writer  – Shaun Raad – USA

An ambitious lawyer covertly uses her new bribery case to search for a link between her father’s execution in Africa twenty years ago, and her new billionaire client in London today.


New Media Scripts

Original Skin – Script TV

World Premiere

Writer  – Ori Kowarsky – USA

In a surreal world of shape-shifting cops and criminals, where no one is who they seem to be, a homicide detective rendered pathetically normal tries to take down criminals with superhuman powers and appetites.

New Media Scripts

Heartland – Script Treatment

World Premiere

Writer  – Anthony Povah – USA

With each protagonists’ story sequentially told before a shared, concluding episode, two damaged cops pursue parallel hunts for the man they wrongfully blame for destroying their lives.


New Media Scripts

Calamity Jen – Script Pilot

World Premiere

Writer  – Geoffrey Scheer – USA

A dark comedy about an actress who joins a touring theater troupe in a lawless, climate-ravaged, post-apocalyptic America.


New Media Scripts

Round Went The Wheel – Script Stage Play

Los Angeles Premiere

Writer – Frank Ceruzzi – USA

When technology brings the world to the brink of disaster, a new regime will need to dream it all up again: the children.

New Media Scripts

The Old Gods Club – Script Short

Writer  – Tracy Schumer – Switzerland

During a group exercise in humility, three powerful gods from the ancient past take the form of three elderly Boomers and meet up in San Diego’s Balboa Park, only to find that their presence amongst mortals generates chaos.


New Media Scripts

Homecoming – Script Pilot

World Premiere

Writer – Rae Binstock  – USA

A successful New York doctor returns to her rural roots after the death of her estranged mother, only to discover her mother’s role in a new underground railroad for undocumented immigrants that goes right through the heart of Trump’s America.

New Media Scripts

Organa, A Saga of Epigenetic Proportions  – Script TV

World Premiere

Writer  – Kimberly Forsythe – UK

The world’s first biocomputer implant enables humans to merge with AI and each other by using synthetic DNA to encode/decode sensory data. But, creating a new world might not be as simple as unifying & uplifting humanity and could have dire consequences if we’re not careful.

New Media Scripts

Illuminaire  – Script Book

Writer  – Kimberly Moore

A modern-day daughter from an ancient, powerful, and mystical bloodline must inspire an army of slaves and become willing to kill, sacrifice, and die when she is taken into captivity by her family’s long-dormant enemy.


New Media Corona

Corona Virus Mechanism – Short

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Al Jazeera Media Network – Qatar

This report is one of the rare scientific explainers broadcasted in Arabic on how Covid-19 works to replicate itself in our bodies. It explains the importance and danger of the virus’ spike protein. The report illustrates the lock and key mechanism it uses to “fool” our cell receptors.

New Media Acting

The Torchbearers – Documentary

Los Angeles Premiere

Director  – Cheryl Grant – USA

The best and brightest performers, writers, producers, and reviewers of our generation. In their own words and music they show how what a vital role cabaret plays; introducing new social mores to the mainstream, putting politics into perspective, and reminding us of our humanity.

New Media Chouette

Chouette – Documentary

World Premiere

Director  – Elliott Loucif – France

Beatrix, a local school teacher and polyvalent French artist. His pressing urge to make this planet a better place to live, for the generations to come, gave him the desire to do something about it, in his own creative way.

New Media Scripts

The Last Zen Master

Writer  – Peter Kaufman – USA

An epic story of love as a young American living in Japan. Put in the crosshairs of a turf war between rival gangsters. His life is on the ragged edge as he trains to be a Zen Master and bring an end to the 200-year conflict.

New Media Festival

Have content? Submit for our 13th June 1 & 2 2022

“Pushing the envelope is a big deal in the film industry. You can’t just tell the same old stories to get your name out there. Someway, somehow, you have to innovate and tell a new story, or tell the same story in a completely different way. If that sounds like you, then there’s the perfect film festival to show off your work, New Media Film Festival® is the film festival you’ll want to enter” – FilmDaily

New Media Scripts

Yasmine/Jasmine – Script TV

World Premiere

Writer  – Yossera Bouchtia – USA

After the sudden and mysterious death of her mother, a grieving daughter must contend with haunting visitations from her doppelganger to put an end to a generational curse and reclaim a part of herself she never knew.

New Media Scripts

Blackout – Script TV

Writer  – Angelique Letizia – USA

In a post-apocalyptic world where an army of evil has asserted control of the planet, a new kind of mystic warrior is recruited to defend the earth. In a race against time, these light warriors struggle to prevent the unholy ones from destroying Gaia, who has vowed to impress upon mankind that humanity doesn’t control the end of time, the earth does.

New Media Scripts

Players – Script TV

World Premiere

Writer  – Sharon Rapose – USA

Based on the true story of the world’s first superstar Sarah Bernhardt who falls in love with Samuel Pozzi, a pioneering doctor in 1868 Paris. Both married to their work, they develop a lifelong friendship that changes the course of history.

New Media Scripts

Ashford – Script TV

Los Angeles Premiere

Writer  – JC Barclay – USA

Doppelgängers Mikey and Faolan switch realities to solve the riddle of who the other is, and how to get back to who they are meant to be.

New Media Scripts

Help Wanted – Script

World Premiere

Writer  – Patricia Tabb – USA

When a rowdy teen and old geezer work together in a repair shop, they discover an unexpected friendship with surprising benefits to both.

Join the Fun!

Festival Programming Schedule 2022

Wednesday, June 1 online -Thursday June 2 The Landmark L.A. CA

Event 1:

Wednesday June 1 2022

Full Day Access


Watch from anywhere in the world. Online Screenings w/ Q & A

Event 2:

Thursday June 2 2022



Our legendary VIP Soiree. Nominees, Judges, Speakers, creators, film fans, techies and more meet each other – Funding, hiring, casting, collaborations, even love has happened. Be there.

Event 3

Thursday June 2, 2022


Opening Night programming – live music, screenings, special guests, Q & A

Event 4

Thursday June 2, 2022

9:00-10:30 PM

Awards Ceremony –

Join us as we announce live, in person which of the nominees won Best of Category and Grand Prize awards. Plenty of special guests and surprises.


We will mix, mingle, make new friends, learn, discover and connect.

Wine & Nosh

Enjoy a glass of wine & some nosh while you mix & mingle, make new friends, new deals. Pic by QUI

Red Carpet

As always, nominees, celebrities, Industry VIP’s walk the Red Carpet and dazzle.

Q & A

Nominees, VIP’s and surprise guests.

Marketing Table

What do you do? A place to share that info.

International Art Exhibit

From world renowned artists to new entries in the art world. All mediums have been curated: sculpture, oils, prints, pastels, mixed media and more. Come discover what the art world is creating and exhibiting now.

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