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The Buzz around Hollywood is:

“Best Vibe Ever”

“Beyond Expectations”

“New Media Film Festival® is a hit”

The 13th New Media Film Festival® June 2022 had 125 New Media films & content from 29 countries with 44 World, 6 US & 35 Los Angeles Premieres.

Theme – Showing short form of long form to encourage viewers to find these creators online and support further.

Australia-Bulgaria-Bangladesh-Belgium-Canada-Cyprus-France-Germany-Greece-Hong Kong-India-Israel-Italy-Japan-Korea-Republic of-Lebanon-Malta-New Zealand-Poland-Singapore-South Africa-South Korea-Spain-Syrian Arab Republic-Tahiti-Turkey-Ukraine-UK-USA

2022 Titles stay up until the end of the year.

Submit and buy tickets/badges for 2023 now.

Tickets/VIP Badge on sale now for 2023

June 7th online – June 8th in person Hollywood CA

Different programming each day.

2022 Nominees below. Click poster for details or Search by title, name, country, category, date.

June 7th Online (ticket) 5-8PM

June 8th In Person (VIP Badge) – 4-10:30PM Indoor/Outdoor with VR, International Art Exhibit, Lounge all night long.

4-6 VIP Soiree – Red Carpet Press Junket – Networking – Citrus America Juicing –Nosh.

6-8 Programming – Q & A with Director Nominees in attendance

½ hour break to mix and mingle

830-1030PM Programming – Q & A with Director Nominees in attendance – Awards

Please note, we do not notify winners in advance. We only announce in person at Awards

This is where the magic happens. Nominees, Judges, Speakers, creators, film fans, techies and more meet each other – Funding, hiring, casting, collaborations, even love has happened. Be there.

Online tickets

Event 1 – Wed. June 7th 2023  5-8PM This is a separate ticket from the VIP Badge.  Online Screenings, Q&A – different content from June 8th.

Join us online to Mix – Mingle via video & text chat with Industry leaders from the Entertainment & Tech sectors as well as fun loving film & content fans!  A unique access link will be sent the week of.

14TH ANNUAL NEW MEDIA FILM FESTIVAL® June 7 Online- June 8 2023 In Person. Tickets/Badges on sale now.

Search by date, title, name, country, category – upper right click the search icon/magnifying glass.


June 1st 2022TV


A Chinese serial drama about a hacker who survived an accident when he was a child and how he became a very talented hacker. Estovan is the main child lead who acted as the younger version of the hacker who is the main lead in the drama serial.

June 2nd 2022Socially Responsible
Where Hope Lives

Where Hope Lives

A story about a Colorado grandmother who saw social inequity and injustice and decided to do something about it. The result is Hope Haven Rwanda – an African school producing scholars of the highest order, outpacing the best schools in Africa. It provides education and food for the children and employment opportunities for their families! This documentary show how one person CAN change the world.

June 2nd 2022Script
screenplay competition
Pineapples in Winter

Pineapples in Winter

In King Louis’s XV’s France, a married noblewoman becomes a once-in-a-century mathematician. When she meets Voltaire, a once-in-a-century wit and playwright, their passionate love affair threatens the monarchy itself and shows that nothing is more absurd than reality. Based on true events in the lives of Emilie du Chatelet and Voltaire.

June 1st 2022STEAMTrailer
The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth – Steps to the Moon

The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth – Steps to the Moon

In the days before personal computers, before the Internet and the worldwide web connected us to global information, before smartphones connected us to one another, before GPS guided our journeys…Before this technology was a part of everyday life, American astronauts explored new frontiers in space and on the moon.

June 2nd 2022Script
screenplay competition
Generation Z

Generation Z

Eight friends try to survive in Mariupol during the first 10 days of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The leading character Vika does not want to leave the city without Tim, the bartender she is in love with. She is stuck in the underground nightclub with him and their new companions who are all 18 y.o.

Festival Programming Schedule 2022

Wednesday, June 1 online -Thursday June 2 The Landmark L.A. CA

Event 1:

Wednesday June 1 2022

Full Day Access


Watch from anywhere in the world. Online Screenings w/ Q & A

Event 2:

Thursday June 2 2022



Our legendary VIP Soiree. Nominees, Judges, Speakers, creators, film fans, techies and more meet each other – Funding, hiring, casting, collaborations, even love has happened. Be there.

Event 3

Thursday June 2, 2022

6:00-8:00 PM

Opening Night programming – live music, screenings, special guests, Q & A

Event 4

Thursday June 2, 2022

8:30-10:30 PM

Awards Ceremony –

Join us as we announce live, in person which of the nominees won Best of Category and Grand Prize awards. Plenty of special guests and surprises.


We will mix, mingle, make new friends, learn, discover and connect.

Wine & Nosh

Enjoy a glass of wine & some nosh while you mix & mingle, make new friends, new deals. Pic by QUI

Red Carpet

As always, nominees, celebrities, Industry VIP’s walk the Red Carpet and dazzle.

Q & A

Nominees, VIP’s and surprise guests.

Marketing Table

What do you do? A place to share that info.

International Art Exhibit

From world renowned artists to new entries in the art world. All mediums have been curated: sculpture, oils, prints, pastels, mixed media and more. Come discover what the art world is creating and exhibiting now.

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