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Generation Z

screenplay competition


Thursday, June 2 in person.


Generation Z


Myroslav Latyk, Oksana Ivanyuk





Eight friends try to survive in Mariupol during the first 10 days of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The leading character Vika does not want to leave the city without Tim, the bartender she is in love with. She is stuck in the underground nightclub with him and their new companions who are all 18 y.o. Later they are joined by Max (20 y.o.), a natural-born survivor, and he develops a plan, on how to escape the city. They are seeing a lot of deaths and will have to kill by themselves, but in all this madness are finding love that helps them to preserve their human values. The teenagers try to process what’s going on, reflect on the war reality and build new relationships. They try to survive but not all of them will do, as Mariupol is being wiped to the ground.

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