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Glen Eden



Wednesday June 1 online


Glen Eden


Rebecca Blandón



In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, there lives a curious man that exists as many things at once. His name is Glen Eden Einbinder. Accompanied only by a multitude of treasures inscribed with his name, Glen is a 51 y/o artist that collects items from around the world that bear his first and middle name. It is only when he picks up an item from his eponymous collection that he starts to let himself be seen by others. The Glen Eden collection is in many ways a portrait in itself; one that reveals the odd and yet serendipitous wonder of invented nomenclature we use to identify ourselves. This film is a character study of a man on a quest to discover the ways in which his name exists beyond himself. In this intimate and short documentary, Glen allows us to explore emotions of loneliness, purpose, and joy through his collection. For Glen, collecting his name is a form of longing, a practice of curiosity, and a mode of connecting to the rest of the world.

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