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Goodbye Rosaline

screenplay competition


Wednesday June 1st is online.


Goodby Rosaline


Karen Lothan




Los Angeles

Syria, 1920’s. Nawras is a village’s lord’s son, and his friend Nemer is a mayor’s son. Nemer, who is always
getting Nawras in trouble, yearns to fight in the war, like his long lost elder brother Seif. Nawras falls in love with
his maid Jamila, but his mother is against it. The lord wants Nawras to stop daydreaming and join him working on
the land, but when they start plowing a cursed field called the Scorpions land, after decades of being abandoned,
dead bodies keep turning up that will unearth secrets of the past. The two boys meet Mohamad, a rebel who is being
chased by French soldiers. He knew Seif and Nemer can finally have some answers about him and a mysterious
pistol that he left behind.

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