Schedule / Attend

Attend June 16-17, 2018
James Bridges Theater Los Angeles Noon – 10:30PM
Nominees added below through May 10, 2018
Submissions accepted through April 25, 2018

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June 16, 2018

New Media 1: Big Cats - United Nations - Screening 12:30PM - 2PM

Tribe vs Pride

Director: Dereck and Beverly Joubert
Country: Kenya
Running time: 52:00


L.A. Premiere!

Nat Geo Inspires Collecting Data to Save Gorongosa Lions

Country: Mozambique
Running time: 5:24 L.A. Premiere!

Livestock Insurance Program

Director: Gayle Podrabsky
Country: India
Running time: 9:46 L.A. Premiere!


Director: WWF
Country: Russia
Running time: 5:40 L.A. Premiere!

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New Media 2: Producer Panel & Pitching 2:30PM - 4:30PM

Michael D. Ratner - Fdr. Pres. & CEO of OBB Pictures

Producers Panel & Pitching

World Premiere!

Steven J. Wolfe – Producer & President of Sneak Preview Entertainment

Jonathan Cane - Head of Development - Back Roads Entertainment

Eric Calderon – Producer - Warner Brothers Animation

Roy Bodner (Moderator) – Producer

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New Media 3: Creative Mixer 5PM - 7PM

Creative Mixer

Mixer Music

Written by: Emmy Nominee David Ari Leon
Country: USA

Mixer Red Carpet & Press

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New Media 4: Opening Night Screenings - Jeff Bridges SRC Award *, Q & A 7:30PM


Living in the Future's Past

Director: Susan Kucera
Country: Earth
Running time: 85:00 L.A. Premiere!

Jeff Bridges - Socially Responsible Conservationist Award

Country: Earth

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June 17, 2018

New Media 4: Virtual Reality - choose a time slot on receipt. Noon - 8 PM

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New Media 5: Web Series, Animation with Q&A Noon - 2PM

3D, AR, AI, 5D

Crooked Billet 3D online

Director: Richard Connew
Country: UK
Running time: 1:52 US Premiere!

Deadline The Magician 3D online

Director: Andi Wenzel
Country: Germany
Running time: 5:19


Mary & Marsha in the Manor of Madness

Director: Kris Theorin
Country: USA
Running time: 2:56


Director: Fausto Montanari
Country: Italy, Bulgaria
Running time: 2:00 L.A. Premiere!

International Art Exhibit

Director: Three Photographs, Three Countries, Three Moments
Country: Indonesia, Cambodia, and New York City
World Premiere!

Virtual Reality – 360

Finding Haka VR

Director: James Louis Hedley
Country: New Zealand, UK
Running time: 1:02

Hoodoo VR

Director: Catherine Salkeld
Country: UK
Running time: 6:30 L.A. Premiere!

The Train Hamasen VR

Director: Kuan-Yuan LAI
Country: Taiwan
Running time: 8:00 US Premiere!

Live-VR Corridor-Mixed Reality after Bruce Nauman

Director: Steve Anderson
Country: USA

Web Series

Are You There God? It's Me Margot E1

Director: Carlie Casey
Country: USA
Running time: 4:24

Guidance S1 E1

Director: Anna Mastro
Country: USA
Running time: 6:28

OM City E4

Director: Tom O'Brien
Country: USA
Running time: 5:27 World Premiere!

Power of Love

Director: Justice Singleton
Country: USA
Running time: 5:06 World Premiere!

Systems Busters E1

Director: Michael Matucci
Country: USA, Australia, New Zealand
Running time: 1:24 World Premiere!

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New Media 6: Apps-Digital Comic-Drone-Doc-Mobile-Tablet, Q&A 2:15PM - 4:15PM


The Me App

Director: Paul Wagner
Country: USA
Running time: :30 World Premiere!

Digital Comics


Written by: Eric Borden
Country: USA
World Premiere!


Crashed - Olympian Gabby Douglas

Director: David Crabtree
Country: USA
Running time: 6:08


Faroe Islands - The Hidden Secret

Director: Thomas Vitali
Country: Faroe Islands
Running time: 4:14 World Premiere!

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New Media 7: New Media-Pilot-Scripts-Shorts, Q&A 4:30PM - 6:30PM

New Media

The Invisible Walls of Occupation

Director: Osnat Skoblinski
Country: Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Running time: :24 L.A. Premiere!



Written by: Laura Hesse
Country: Canada
Running time: 60:00 L.A. Premiere!

Jillian's Peak

Written by: Charzette Torrence and Danielle Johnson
Country: USA
Running time: 18 pages World Premiere!


Written by: Greg Mania
Country: USA
Running time: Pilot L.A. Premiere!


Written by: Shaunya Boddie
Country: USA
Running time: Short World Premiere!


Written by: Michael J. Shapiro
Country: USA
Running time: 4 Part Series


Written by: Justin Moran
Country: USA
Running time: 60 minutes World Premiere!



Director: Irhad Mutic
Country: USA
Running time: 3:08 World Premiere!

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New Media 8: SRC-STEAM-Student-Trailers-Music Videos, Q&A 6:45PM - 8:45PM

Music Video

Armchair Dreaming

Director: Gilbert Trejo and Frankie Latina
Country: USA
Running time: 4:28 US Premiere!

SRC - Socially Responsible Content

OCDA I Should Have Read the Label

Director: Jarick Simbol
Country: USA
Running time: 1:34 World Premiere!


A Tale of Endurance: Celebration of the Imperfect

Director: Stephanie Bollag
Country: USA
Running time: 1:39 US Premiere!

Loving Object Venture

Director: Laurent Grey
Country: USA
Running time: 1:05 World Premiere!


Director: Harlan Qiu
Country: USA
Running time: 2:00


The Girl in the Attic

Director: Seth Chitwood
Country: USA
Running time: 3:56

The Song of Sway Lake

Director: Ari Gold
Country: USA
Running time: 2:07

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New Media 9: Awards Ceremony 9PM - 10:30PM

Awards Ceremony


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