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Tempo Rubato Enigma – An Argentinian Mozart – Francesco Cordio



Wednesday June 1 online


Tempo Rubator Enigma – An Argentinian Mozart- Francesco Cordio


Cristiana Di Bartolomeo


Argentina and Italy



Cast and Crew

Fabio Armiliato, Francesco Leineri, Giuseppe Zanni, Emanuele Durante, Leonardo Angelini, Francesco Cordio, Giulio Tiberti, Francesco Suriano, Riccardo Tonni, Mario Pantoni, David Orlandelli, Piero Perilli

A great Argentine musician of Italian origin -from the early 20th century- mysteriously dies at an early age. Rodolfo Zanni was only 26 -credited with a prodigious career and an impressive musical production. At the time of his death, all his works, however, had vanished into thin air. His body was nowhere to be found. What had happened?

One of his descendants, a lawyer, decides to shed light on the mystery. He asks the great tenor and actor Fabio Armiliato (who starred in Woody Allen and Ettore Scola’s films) and the young composer Francesco Leineri, to travel to Argentina and explore archives and testimonials to look for answers.

The investigation will reveal surprising and disturbing backstories. Rodolfo Zanni was the subject of a war waged by dark forces, to erase his existence and his music.

Why this relentless desire to erase all traces of this talented artist? Who was he bothering? Whose interests had he threatened?

Little by little, the enigma unfolds and offers the viewer a glimpse of the reasons behind his persecution.

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