The Abandoned Library

the abandoned library
june 5th
june 5th


June 5


The Abandoned Library


Judi Alston, Andy Campbell


United Kingdom



Cast & Crew

Toria Garbutt, Dr Guddi Singh, Tiara Ashworth, Barry Snaith, Gesang Kangsa, Evie Godfrey

In a future Northern England devasted by climate change, an environmental worker uncovers an abandoned library where books and technology have fused into the architecture and landscape to create new stories.

19-year-old CJ is working to salvage valuable resources from the flooded and haunting remains of a once-thriving coastal town. The world she inhabits leaves her feeling angry and displaced. She is living through the catastrophic consequences of previous generations’ mistakes.

Taking shelter from an approaching storm, CJ ventures inside the old library, where she discovers a bizarre ‘living’ fusion of nature, language, and technology. At its heart is The Librarian, a malfunctioned AI that has been gathering data and archive film from its turbulent surroundings.

Affected by years of extreme temperatures and abnormal weather conditions, The Librarian is forming its own unique work of literature: a story of connectedness and hope that needs a strong and resilient protagonist.

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