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The World Seen By Children

the world seen by children


June 7


The World Seen By Children, Web Series category


Marion Poissonneau





Cast & Crew

Director/Writer – Marion Poissonneau
Co-Writer – Diane Agatha
Producer – Eric Bouduban

When one discovers the archival images where children express their vision of the world, half a century ago, one can only wonder what the children of today have to say. This is how “The world seen by children” was born: to bring together the archives of a 1970 documentary with images shot today. In fifty years, the speeches change, the accents are lost, the vocabulary evolves. Through questions of society, the children of yesterday and today respond to each other, and inevitably enlighten us about their respective worlds. In 10 episodes, the series retraces fifty years of history through the eyes of children. Their looks are sometimes naive, often funny, never disillusioned.

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