Won’t Be Around

wont be around
june 5th
june 5th


June 5


Won’t Be Around


Terry Blade





Cast & Crew

Bobby Cole, Larry Robertson, CottonBro Studio

A song written and performed by singer-songwriter Terry Blade. At its core, the song is about meaning the words we say, and acting on the words we’ve used. It is not enough to just tell someone we won’t be around for them if they treat us poorly. We have to be completely and totally absent. This project is the official music video for the song. Stylistically, the song and video draw from the rural and early American roots music of the first half of the 20th century–the lifeblood of America’s musical and cultural heritag

We are making a short film that will bring to light the shame we feel and show the sudden and abrupt nature of suicide when trauma is not dealt with.

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